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AI and Innovation Leadership Program

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape,

Women's presence in AI and Innovation is more critical than ever.


 The AI and Innovation Leadership Program is a comprehensive 6-week initiative designed to empower women with the essential skills and knowledge to lead in the fields of artificial intelligence and innovation leadership. The curriculum combines theoretical learning with practical application and leadership development, catering to women from diverse professional backgrounds. 

6 weeks

Online and Hybrid Options

Miami & Dubai

Weekly Modules

6 hours class 

8 hours self & case study

Global Cohort

A global community of

like-minded professionals


A digital certification will be issued upon successful completion

This program is ideal for women who are;

Young Businesswoman

Aspiring or current female leaders interested in

AI,  Innovation and Leadership.


Want to enhance their professional skills and stay ahead in their careers.

Woman Working on Laptop

Committed to driving change and diversity in the technology sector.

Why Participate?

The AI and Innovation Leadership Program is a comprehensive initiative that offers;

Cutting-Edge Training

Dive into the latest advancements in AI and innovation technologies through hands-on workshops and expert-led seminars.

Leadership Development

Enhance your leadership capabilities with sessions focused on strategic thinking and leading diverse teams.

Real-World Applications

Work on practical projects and case studies that address current challenges and opportunities in AI and innovation.

Connect with Leaders

Connect with industry pioneers and peers through our exclusive sessions and learn from their strategic experiences.

Program Outline

Digital Capsules

Artificial Intelligence

Week 1: Foundations of AI

AI Technologies and Applications

Week 2: Basics of Data Science

Machine Learning Techniques 



Week 3: Innovation Strategies

Understanding Innovation

Week 4: Design Thinking

Fostering Innovation in Organizations

Person holding a presentation

Effective Leadership

Week 5: Leadership Strategies

Build high-performance teams

Week 6: Strategic decision-making

Lead ambidextrous organizations

Program Outcomes

By the end of the program, you will have a foundational understanding of AI and innovation, practical experience with real-world applications, and enhanced leadership skills. You will be equipped to drive and lead AI initiatives within your organizations, contributing significantly to both your personal and professional growth.

We invite you to embark on this transformative journey with us!

Female Leaders


Gulf Business

+ Many more

The Story Behind the “AI and Innovation Leadership Program”

In 2014, our founder, Melda Akin, launched a mentorship and training program for high school and university students, aimed at helping them enter and advance in the technology industry. This program proved highly successful, with many participants securing positions at leading international tech companies such as Shazam in the US, Amazon in Luxembourg, Hepsiburada in Turkey, and Helmholtz in Munich, Germany.

Utilizing well-crafted resources and sessions, Melda Akin (learn more about Melda Akin) provided participants with a unique learning experience grounded in real business cases. Her expertise and accomplishments in the global AI and innovation arena highlighted the ongoing need for an academy led by a true 'woman in tech'. Recognizing this need, Melda founded Sirius Labs, a Tech Entrepreneurship and Leadership Academy, to develop future female tech leaders and entrepreneurs through comprehensive training and mentoring programs based on real business cases and experiences.

And that’s how the AI and Innovation Leadership Program was born.


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Contact Us

Building 5, GV, G00623,

Dubai Media City, Dubai, UAE

909 2nd Ct, Fort Lauderdale,

Florida, US

UAE: + 971 58 505 21 44

   US:    +1 954 702 11 59

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