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A groundbreaking entrepreneurship, leadership, and AI academy for women

Why Sirius Labs?

Melda Akin is a true 'woman in tech'; a computer scientist, acclaimed serial tech entrepreneur, and investor who has successfully navigated the international business world. Collaborating with her network of international tech leaders she has created a unique learning space to facilitate and educate future female innovators and entrepreneurs. 


At Sirius Labs, we enable women to unleash their full potential through our boot camps, training, and mentoring programs.

Melda Akin


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Our Programs

AI training for
non-technical women

Tailored specifically for women without a technical background.

This training offers a supportive and experience-based unique learning environment where women can explore and learn the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence without feeling intimidated by complex technical jargon.

Women in Tech

Tech Entrepreneurship

Designed to clarify the entrepreneurial journey, offering practical guidance on ideation, validation, business model development, and growth strategies. Seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts share their experiences and provide mentorship to help women navigate the challenges of starting and scaling a tech venture.

We Convention Stage

AI & Innovation Leadership 

Designed to help future leaders in the tech industry learn practical tactics and drive change within their teams. Through an exploration of personal motivation and alignment with business objectives, you will learn the necessary tools and strategies to effectively navigate the challenges of leadership and manage high-performance teams.

Web Summit Main Stage

Some news about us

Forbes Bill Clinton

Forbes And Aviram Foundation Select Five Entrepreneurs As Finalists To Compete For USD 500,000 Grand Prize At 2023 Aviram Awards Competition In Morocco, With Headline Speaker President Bill Clinton. Read More


CNN Business interviewed our founder about the challenges for women in the technology industry. By creating awareness and education, we can continue to support women in building careers in technology. Watch the interview.

Forbes Top 10 Women in Tech

FORBES - Breaking the barriers!

Our Founder, Melda Akin, has been recognized as one of the top 10 Women Behind Middle Eastern Tech Brands 2023, 2022, and 2021 by Forbes.

Read More.

Gender gap

How are women closing the gender gap in MENA's Tech Ecosystem?

Melda Akin, award-winning computer scientist and founder of D14.AI, recently launched Sirius Labs to attract more women in tech. A platform dedicated to providing training, mentorship and bootcamps for women, Akin aims to improve women’s tech skills in hopes of setting them up for promising careers in the future. Read More.

Female Entrepreneurs

Being A Female Tech Entrepreneur In The MENA Region: Opportunities, Challenges, And Lessons Learnt

You have nothing to prove for anyone but yourself. Other women have already blazed the trail, are achieving great success and being recognized for it. The greatest obstacle to becoming a success is in person's head. It is about attitude, not being female or male. 

Read More.


Euroviews. Women in technology have nothing to fear — except their own hesitance

The gender gap in the tech industry remains a global issue, with the number of women in big tech falling by 2.1% in 2022, despite only 19% of the total global technology sector workforce being female. To take the challenge of converting qualifications into jobs, women...

Read More.

How do we support females in tech?


What is Sirius?

Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. Our mission is to help women shine within the global tech community - just like Sirius - through our bootcamps, training sessions and mentoring programs.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦

Sirius Youth Academy

Designed for students in higher education. Sirius Youth Academy enables students to connect with experienced professionals and role models and become part of a highly selective mentorship program. 


Sirius Connect

A subscription-based platform, Sirius Connect brings together likeminded women in tech, helping them to grow their professional network, have meaningful interactions and build lasting connections.

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Building 5, GV, G00623,

Dubai Media City, Dubai, UAE

909 2nd Ct, Fort Lauderdale,

Florida, US

UAE: + 971 58 505 21 44

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