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The COVID-19 | The Road to Success during uncertainty

COVID-19 affects every company and force them to change their operations. D14 can help you to create schedules that everyone loves and manage your workforce efficiently.

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  • Be Perfect, Stay Smart!

    Increase business productivity. Predict future supply and demand for your business. Create smart schedules for your workforce and operational adaptation.

  • Employee Happiness

    Manage overtimes and employee burnouts. Give a right to your employees to create their schedules that compliant with labour law while maximizing employee happiness.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Re-optimise if needed unexpected situations may happen at work. Accomodate last-minute changes and disruptions real-time within the schedule.

What makes D14.AI so unique?

Smart algorithms, flexible settings, real-time preference collection, intelligent analytics make D14 platform of choice for complex scheduling and optimization operations.

D14 Workforce Scheduling Platform empowers companies to create an excellent user experience. Large delivery companies, clinics, gyms, and retail shops use D14 platform to increase employee and customer satisfaction while reducing the cost and time spent.

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Happy Customers

D14 helps a range of sectors


Maximize doctors and rooms productivity. manage doctors schedule according to their preferences. Manage patient's recurring appointments


Maximize your trainers' performance and happiness. Create schedules that your clients love. Accomodate last-minute changes in real-time.

Delivery & Mobility

Create schedules that match with your future demand. Shorten delivery time by smart allocation. Assign and rotate shifts to match employee preferences.