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The COVID-19 | The Road to Success during uncertainty

COVID-19 affects every company and force them to change their operations. D14 can help you to create schedules that everyone loves and manage your workforce efficiently.

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  • Be Perfect, Stay Smart!

    D14, A smart way to schedule. It’s never been easier to perfect your schedule.

  • Employee Happiness

    Create fair schedules that make your employee happy and satisfied with the work they do.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Increase your business performance and customer satisfaction while you're reducing your cost.

What makes D14.AI so unique?

Smart algorithms, flexible settings, real-time preference collection, intelligent analytics make D14 platform of choice for complex scheduling and optimization operations.

D14 Workforce Scheduling Platform empowers companies to create an excellent user experience. Large delivery companies, clinics, gyms, and retail shops use D14 platform to increase employee and customer satisfaction while reducing the cost and time spent.

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Happy Customers

D14 helps a range of sectors


Maximise your healthcare employees’ productivity, potential and happiness. We create fair and smart schedules for your employees and create memorable journeys for your patients.

Delivery & Mobility

Whether you have a fleet or provide shared mobility, the question is the same. Who, where, when will be ready. Shorten delivery time, balance your workforce and manage the demand.


Improve the shopping experience. The competition between online and offline is challenging. Let us help you to provide the right staff at the right time by meeting your all business needs.


Provide a remarkable guest experience. While you offer fitness classes or run a gym, let us create smart schedules that your trainers and your guests love while you save time and cost.