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The COVID-19 | The Road to Success during uncertainty

The sudden spread of COVID-19 pandemic affects every business and force them to change their operations. The lockdown has not only limited our movements, our experiences but also changed the way we live in. Caused a serious threat to giant logistics firms and small delivery, shared mobility service providers. With the result of this change, the customer behaviours significantly changed. Most of the organisations roll out new plans to prepare themselves for aggressive changes that cause economic and sociological difficulties while giving security to their employees and customers. 

But is this can be enough?

According to the researches, more than 42% of consumers said that their online shopping experience increased while offline experience drastically reduced. Due to the circumstances, several businesses increase their focus on specific directions. Online shopping platforms, delivery platforms focus on how to accommodate the increased demand while keeping the cost down and shorten delivery time. Healthcare providers focus on how to provide the best health service while keeping health providers efficient and productive. Fitness class providers focus on how to create efficient schedules for their guests while maintaining the operation cost. 

How can the companies be sure that they pick the smart way to succeed during the sudden changes?

D14 technology helps companies to turn massive challenges into success during these times by providing a smart scheduling platform. With the help of its unique algorithms, D14 technology can schedule more than 1 million orders within minutes and 3000 times faster than other solution by obeying all the business requirements and regulations.

If you’re in delivery or mobility sectors, most probably you face with increased demand, and face with the problem of the dynamic scheduling. The consumers expect their food is delivered on time while it’s still warm enough to eat. As a delivery company, how you can evaluate millions of the possible combinations within minutes to shorten the delivery time or rebalance your fleet? D14 is here to help you.

If you’re in the healthcare sector, you know that the healthcare provider’s happiness, productivity and schedules have a significant effect on the patient journey. In addition to that, providing better and quicker support for the patients would help to avoid spread of the COVID-19 virus. You can create fair and smart schedules for your healthcare providers and create memorable journeys for your patients with D14 technology.

If you’re managing the gyms, or provide fitness classes, you most probably face with the new regulations and limitations while keeping the same cost. We can create smart schedules that your trainer and your guests love while you save time and cost.

If you’re in the retail sector, it’s clear that the competition between online and offline is challenging. We can help you to provide the right staff at the right time by meeting your all business needs.


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