A flexible and dynamic decision-making engine that solves the hardest optimisation problems and help companies to make better decisions.

Last-Mile Delivery

Last- Mile Delivery

Meet high levels of customer service at maximum efficiency by making the best decisions for your fleet and making effective deployment. Access ready-to-use AI, pre-built with the right context and user-friendly, intuitive interfaces or connect through the API.



Create optimized decision-making system for both doctors and patients by satisfying all the constraint of the clinics and also mapping out personalized journeys for both. D14's engine is 1370 times faster than the existing solutions by also providing fully integrated interfaces.


Higher Education

Stress-Free Scheduling for exams, classes and events. Say goodbye to course bottlenecks and long email threads. Combine and evaluate thousands of objectives, constraints, preferences according to the goals of all stakeholders, creating perfect timetables for everyone.

AI Strategy Consulting

AI Strategy Consulting

D14 provides detailed guidance and advice with regards to the conceptualisation, development and realization of a decision-AI centred strategy by providing access to engine API to create analytics reports.